2013 - Mission Incredible.

COPY: We all dream of being something we're not.

Of breaking away from our everyday lot.

To fly though we can't walk. To discover a cure. To capture the villain. To go on world tour.

Now is your chance to change your position.

Just follow the prompts for your TOP SECRET MISSION.

If you choose to accept it- we hope that you do. The joy you're creating could not be more true.

2014 - Heroes Among Us.

COPY: They go forth with courage, inspiring us all.

Proving that heroes can be big or small.

Their character moves us. Their actions do, too.

There are heroes among us. And that includes you.

2015 - Happiness Found.

COPY: It hides inside boxes, it sneaks into puddles. It follows the fireflies around through the night.

But when covered by worry, no one can enjoy it. So we make it our task to bring it into the light.

A day in their honor, the thrill and the laughter.

A memory they'll draw from to heal and rebound.

This is the purpose of what we all aim for.

The beautiful power of Happiness Found.



I feel so lucky to have helped create the local Make-A-Wish Gala theme and invitation since 2006, and even luckier that it's now a pro-bono project I share with my husband. We look forward to it every year because it’s such an inspiring organization, filled with amazing people and a truly worthwhile cause. Also, it's one of the few projects where I feel totally justified in rhyming. It just seems right.

Bonus:  Dave and I get to dress up all fancy and pretend we're in an entirely different tax bracket for one night every spring.


CW: Jennie Moore

AD/Designer: Dave Moore

Illustrator: (2015) Ariel Tobin Smith