BARTELL DRUGS - I’ve had the pleasure of honing their voice and churning out approximately 1,037 radio spots for them over the past six years through Leonard Creative. Here are few of my favorites.

WOODLAND PARK ZOO:  Meercats are cute. Duh. So we capitalized on their cuteness for some fun radio and a song that Chris Ballew of Presidents of the United States/Caspar Babypants fame was kind enough to record for us. Agency: WongDoody.

TACO TIME:  For over 50 years, (long before Chipotle was even a thing) Taco Time NW has been making their fresh food from scratch, using local ingredients. The natural, folksy voice I helped create reflects that sensibility, and has been used in radio, TV, packaging, and on their website.


If I Heart Radio wasn’t already taken, that’s what I’d call this section. But it is, so I’ll just say I love radio and produce a ton of it. Here are some of my favorites, for many different clients.